Nevertheless, We Persist, Because That’s How We Grow…

In my experience, people equate persistance with stubbornness but I see some important differences.

1. Stubbornness is a state of mind. When we refuse to adapt, that’s stubborn. In contrast, persistence is a more open term. We keep trying, to understand and accomplish, and we will do get to that point by any number of methods.

2. Stubborn has a negative connotation: an upset toddler throwing a tantrum, or an elderly person who refuses to use new technology, is stubborn. Persistent people are hopeful and strong. Positive connotation

3. The stubborn rarely succeed; the persistent won’t stop trying until they can, even if the effort takes generations.

In short words matter, language matters. We will never know what is an epithet vs. A complement as we interact we people we don’t know, but we can avoid many painful experiences by thinking and communicating with care.

We will know which hater’s gonna hate and we don’t have to be ok with them around us. I venture to say that the more thoughtful and patient we are to others, the less haters will show up in our lives.


Published by sickybeat

I am a writer with an extremely active imagination. I love learning answers to questions and what makes everything and everyone tick. I am a "Unique case, medically" if nothing else. I am flawed in my extreme aversion to failure (even when "success" isn't good for me,) but have come a long way in ditching the perfectionist mindset. I like people whose default setting toward others is compassion, an open mind, and honesty

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