Why Aren’t we Explorers

We seek stimuli

To avoid stillness,

We fear a plague of wasted time

That we must divide our minds,

Depress our world

And half-ass everything,

Because half of everything is better than none of something

Even if that something is stress, insomnia, fear, rage.

We most not stop.

Even though, stillness is not regression or no longer existing

We are rarely still, because the most frightening thing to learn about is the self.


Published by sickybeat

I am a writer with an extremely active imagination. I love learning answers to questions and what makes everything and everyone tick. I am a "Unique case, medically" if nothing else. I am flawed in my extreme aversion to failure (even when "success" isn't good for me,) but have come a long way in ditching the perfectionist mindset. I like people whose default setting toward others is compassion, an open mind, and honesty

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