Nutty Joy

I love my cereal.

That full flavored morning joy in a purple and white box.

And it was hoarded from me when this panic began.

I waited,

I searched for a replacement,

Trying something new every week,

And every effort fell flat in my mouth,

Month after month after boring month.

My hope piqued with every store entrance

Even after an eternity of letdown I go to the aisle.

And I march slowly from end to end, again and again.

Hafta make sure I don’t pass it above my head.

And when I saw my “heaven-in-a -box”

The squeal was real – after a double take.

The dance was real, too.

How many boxes, is 10 too many in one trip?

One, just one, don’t be a hoarder,

And have faith in next time.


Published by sickybeat

I am a writer with an extremely active imagination. I love learning answers to questions and what makes everything and everyone tick. I am a "Unique case, medically" if nothing else. I am flawed in my extreme aversion to failure (even when "success" isn't good for me,) but have come a long way in ditching the perfectionist mindset. I like people whose default setting toward others is compassion, an open mind, and honesty

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