Let There Be Darkness

Monday I was exhausted,

Because of the dropping iron.

Tuesday one word: menstruation.

Wednesday, I don’t even remember.

And Thursday, oh fuck Thursday.

School lockdown,

Migraine number 1,

Two classes,

And a grade that made me cry.

I am better, I have been giving,  working and trying

And this grade, one of few

is none of me.

Moving forward I reapply and push forward.

Hours later, when I break for food,

Power goes out.

And somehow I was hopeful.

Friday I woke.

Unable to sit up,

I vomited in bed.

Vomited so hard and so often,

Everything came out everywhere.

The sound,

The light,

The knocking of the electrician,

It was painful.

I vomited again.

Took it off,

Crawled back to bed.

I slept,

For 24 hours.

But let it be known,

My Ms. Mercy Obsidian

was merciful.

She never got angry that I didn’t feed her.

She waited

purring and keeping me warm.

Which is enough to keep me going.


Published by sickybeat

I am a writer with an extremely active imagination. I love learning answers to questions and what makes everything and everyone tick. I am a "Unique case, medically" if nothing else. I am flawed in my extreme aversion to failure (even when "success" isn't good for me,) but have come a long way in ditching the perfectionist mindset. I like people whose default setting toward others is compassion, an open mind, and honesty

4 thoughts on “Let There Be Darkness

      1. oh Misty…never be concerned about the business of mailing cards. just text a happy birthday to him and he will be happy as a clam. (are clams happy?) we don’t know but we intend to eat some steamers tomorrow at the ocean.

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