Who I am and who I want to become

When a thoughtless or unkind word is spoken, best tune out.-Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Why The Heck I’m Typing This…

If people hadn't looked at me with pity, doubt, and shame I wouldn't be making this website or working on a book. However, I am constantly reminded of my differences by others, but they are otherwise often easy to forget. The world isn't built for one person's particular needs; though it heavily favours the needs of some, relatively small, groups. Everyone adapts in some way. I have heard under represented people point out, "We can't be what we don't see." I see so few people represented who are defined by those unlike us, and so often therefore hidden or held back in the name of fragility, That I want to open the doors and windows and vents to my life. I am an intelligent, active, flawed person who took 8 years to get a Bachelors Degree, and I STILL seek law school, a practice, and a judgeship. See me, and I hope you can redefine your own "limits"  and she the definitions given for you that way you down. If nothing else, I want to make everyone laugh.

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