I am Different, I *Still* Dream

I’ve always had ambition, Dreams, plans to make a difference. When I was little, I was going to be a nurse. Because nurses are nice to little girls. And then I realized how hard it was to hold small things, *looking at you needles 👁* Back then, I saw no ceiling on my dreams, noContinue reading “I am Different, I *Still* Dream”

Freud (Interpret That)

A brother-the chef Sisters- an artist, & a righteous loner with dreams as big as her heart Two moms and a “Hells Angels Santa, ” stepdad. And me Traveling somewhere, and nowhere, in Santa’s camper Strange harmony, but harmony As we travel to a Goodwill-ish store, Going through liquidation And selling whiskey. A dream simultaneouslyContinue reading “Freud (Interpret That)”


The idea that tit-for-tat is justice, Is ludicrous. For the height that we start climbing, Is not equal. The hungry. The fearful for life. The cold and isolated, Will fight darkness with fire. And fire burns wildly. It doesn’t make fire evil, Or despicable. Fire is hot, And, with the proper support, We marvel atContinue reading “Retribution”