Reducing Friction!

Books can be tedious. Sometimes books are a pain to write. Sometimes, no matter how passionate we are about a story, we can’t get it out. What we see in our mind, doesn’t come out as pristinely on paper. There could be many reasons, and those reasons not to write come up against our desireContinue reading “Reducing Friction!”

Why Aren’t we Explorers

We seek stimuli To avoid stillness, We fear a plague of wasted time That we must divide our minds, Depress our world And half-ass everything, Because half of everything is better than none of something Even if that something is stress, insomnia, fear, rage. We most not stop. Even though, stillness is not regression orContinue reading “Why Aren’t we Explorers”

Please Keep Searching

As a begin writing this post, ads for faux diet miracles are floating around in my head. You may have noticed I didn’t put quotes around the word miracles, I chose not to for a reason. Even though quick fixes (for any issue) don’t work for the vast majority, I am confident that every quickContinue reading “Please Keep Searching”

The Beginning of a Series

 Personal Hot Takes One, the term “Hot Takes” is ridiculous We should be able to disagree respectfully,  and “Hot Take” has a negative connotation the fact that we are riled up by an opinion  says more about us, than it does the opinion. Two, waffles are more than a vehicle for syrup, If you drenchContinue reading “The Beginning of a Series”

I’m Gonna do it For Me

You know those family members you love and are fun to visit with, but they aren’t so good at keeping in touch? They get super busy (and that is the truth), or they aren’t so great with letters (WHHHAAT?!?), or they can’t stand phones (talking on one anyway)? I have several siblings like that, andContinue reading “I’m Gonna do it For Me”

The Reasons I Won’t Let Me

Others will think I’m weak, ignorant, unaware… She will lose her temper and hell will break lose. I’ll inconvenience everyone. I’ll have to deal with their unreasonable reactions, they could leave, and take my freedom too. I move too slowly. I’ll lose control. I believed a person in the know who said I wasn’t goodContinue reading “The Reasons I Won’t Let Me”

Lost Thoughts

I am a heavy thinker; I am a “Dig my own rabbit hole,” thinker. I am proud, because I often find golden ideas and crystal clarity. but, there are times, when the “Rabbit hole” I’m digging becomes a grave and all it takes is a few nearby footfalls to bury me, in ideas I’d alreadyContinue reading “Lost Thoughts”