WTF is a “Beat Sheet?”

I watch all kinds of info videos about the writing world from people like Alexa Donne, Reedsy, Kate Cavanaugh, really anyone who want to talk writing, publishing, or promo, because It could help me, and I am not obligated to try things that that I don’t want to. I’m a pretty good critical thinker, soContinue reading “WTF is a “Beat Sheet?””

I Despise Erasers (or I did)

Have you ever written, drawn, or otherwise created something that you put hours, or longer into? Did you reflect on your favorite part and excitedly tell your test reader about it, only to find out that they don’t get what you’re trying to say, or see what who you drew? I can’t be alone! IContinue reading “I Despise Erasers (or I did)”

Is It possible I Will Fail?

YES. My body is worn, After beginning life in a ditch And climbing, and falling back, and squirming when necessary, To meet the sky after 30 years, as I stand. And begin to bring light and sound to the ditches assigned to the young, My legs tremble. I could fall, But failure, is determined ByContinue reading “Is It possible I Will Fail?”

A Robot Read to Me

I went to do some Sickybeat editing today and realized I hade my page view all funky! I saw under the “View” toolbar of my laptop a “readthrough” option. I’d never seen that before and, after clicking to explore it I was disappointed. The text was big and abnormally spaced out. When I saw theContinue reading “A Robot Read to Me”

Reducing Friction!

Books can be tedious. Sometimes books are a pain to write. Sometimes, no matter how passionate we are about a story, we can’t get it out. What we see in our mind, doesn’t come out as pristinely on paper. There could be many reasons, and those reasons not to write come up against our desireContinue reading “Reducing Friction!”

Correlating Change

I recently realized that some of the feedback I’ve gotten (repeatedly) on Sickybeat is seriously bothering me. So much so that I have not stopped thinking about it since the last time my “Reader Zero” repeated it. I was stewing over the fact that this feedback was more based on her stylistic preference, which IContinue reading “Correlating Change”

When Feedback Comes, at a Trickle; How to Keep a Story Alive.

As I wait to get writing feedback from some of my potential audience, it’s hard not to want to shout “Hurry UP!” and let loose a deep sigh. I can only do so much with the book as I wait on other eyes. I feel strange without a writing project in the works, but ifContinue reading “When Feedback Comes, at a Trickle; How to Keep a Story Alive.”

Winco is a Divisive Place.

In my previous blog entry I said I would be posting more, and more diverse styles of, content here. I was able to get better access to both hardware, a more up to date refurbished smartphone, and software, a more functional web browser, for creating! Thus, I am sharing some new recorded content from theContinue reading “Winco is a Divisive Place.”