Another Perspective: How To Eat an Elephant

I am AHEAD of schedule with the third cover/Title pairing! A difficult feat for the software on my laptop and my patience. This imagery shines a different light on the story of my 20’s. It shows the light that wouldn’t dim during that time. For those of you who know the elephant in the roomContinue reading “Another Perspective: How To Eat an Elephant”

It is a Strange, Weird, Day (Surprise Positive Development)

Folks, I have good news! I was able to create a second cover and title option I like. (The image at the top of this post.) This second one takes a different visual approach, the elements all tie to the story in unique ways! I won’t give anymore away than that, and I appreciate yourContinue reading “It is a Strange, Weird, Day (Surprise Positive Development)”

Sad Sound Effects Here

I wanted to thank everyone for their patience in regards to possible covers. I have been working one three options all week. The one that I have shared in my previous post, as well as others. The last two attempts I have made with my current program have ended in repeat freezes and laptop rebooting.Continue reading “Sad Sound Effects Here”

Mark ‘Er Up!

She read a line, a metaphor referencing Shania, meant to signify my state of mind at that time of life. I expressed that to my reader, still having to admit that the tone that came across when SHE read it didn’t fit my intended message. When I had done a verbal edit I knew where I stand, and the exact meaning I was trying to convey. Although I have a fair command over the English language, I also tend to use words as a poet first…..

Patience Grasshopper-Control

The two things I hate most in the world are, lack of control, and having to wait. Right now those two things are a lot of my writing process. Feedback, editing, and any changes needing to be made that I could not see all depend on other people. If I tell a reader to hurry up, it can only hurt me: They may hurry for me, and miss observations that would have made me book stronger. And, if I just piss them off with demands…Well…

The Good Fear

I have become a more thoughtful and self-aware person in the last decade. But, even if my first book had been a family hit, the anxiety would still be here. I am revealing a part of my mind and thoughts during times of psychosis and selfishness. I am talking about things and people I enjoy that some people find annoying or fill in the ____. I’m asking FOR critique in my style and holes I may have missed in my writing. That vulnerability is hard.

You Will Do What matters

Some people with goals will work through them quickly, some slowly, and some never stop dreaming. Big and small, we are designed to desire success. Some goals last an hour, and we realize they aren’t for us after all. but the things that get done often nag at us constantly, chewing at the back ofContinue reading “You Will Do What matters”

Have You Ever Made THAT Kind of Mistake?

No, I don’t mean walking out of a public restroom with a surprise white train following you? Not that time you failed your essay exam because you misread the question or got the numbers in a year reversed. Has someone stood by you, or done something to help, and you thought THEY KNEW how gratefulContinue reading “Have You Ever Made THAT Kind of Mistake?”