The World Revolved Around me–and Couldn’t Keep Up With The Drama.

I’ve self-published a poetry chapbook, and a memoir before, and both taught me a lot about writing. If I were to choose which of the two processes had a larger impact on me though, it’d be the memoir. In fact there would be a lot less material for my current project without that book. (NoContinue reading “The World Revolved Around me–and Couldn’t Keep Up With The Drama.”

Surprises and Persistence

I have a lot of plans each morning about writing and editing, learning new words in my favourite language app and and the psychology of language itself, and so many other things. In all honesty, my expectations are too high for the perfect day, and I am lucky to wake up optimistic even when I have been struggling. Hope doesn’t spring eternal for everyone.

The Weirdo Gets Weird(er)

As an elementary school kid, I never paid much attention to my difference from other kids. Sure, I have Cerebral Palsy and used a wheelchair most of the time but, I was never treated much differently. As a human my tendency is to remember the negative, (including my tantrum at 5 years old as IContinue reading “The Weirdo Gets Weird(er)”

I Ran Out of Brain Power (To Make a Witty Title!)

It takes mental training to strengthen focusing abilities of many people and that kinda sucks! If I can’t sit and push out a chapter, or a page, of good quality in one sitting during a quarantine, then what can I do during breaks to refresh my thought process and desire to write? How long willContinue reading “I Ran Out of Brain Power (To Make a Witty Title!)”

Echos of a Child’s Mind.

I was told as a child that I was not a good vocalist-NOT just by my siblings-by teachers in music classes. It made sense, when I heard my voice recorded the way others hear it, I despised it. No wonder my high school teacher scolded me in the middle of class practice. Music had beenContinue reading “Echos of a Child’s Mind.”

Procrastination and Perfectionism -Riddle Me This.

Am I the only writer who only gets good ideas ten miles away from my computer, paper and pencil and even my dumb smart phone? I’m relatively sure tech isn’t out to get me, (yet.) But, every single time I create time and space to write, writing process is akin to pushing an insecure stackContinue reading “Procrastination and Perfectionism -Riddle Me This.”

If/Then Statements and Relationships

When I’m not doing any authorly focused activities ( writing, research, reading, building/maintaining relationships, promotion…) I am studying law and for the law school entrance exam. there is much in the entrance exam that I can do naturally well on an average day, and the parts I struggle with….*Cough looking at you Analytical Reasoning diagrams…Cough,*Continue reading “If/Then Statements and Relationships”

Staying Busy

Hello all! I appreciate your patience as I get this site going! Perfectionism & confusion are like oil and water it turns out. Aren’t you ShOCkeD?!?!? Also not beneficial: frequent illness & an aversion to asking for help. I’m working toward finding balance while I continue to create. In the meanwhile I offer you whatContinue reading “Staying Busy”