Why Sooooo Serious?

I promise I am not, as they say, a tight-ass, a snob, or tooo much of a jerk. I laugh hard enough to fall to the floor. In fact, I am known locally as the sincerest of optimists. “How can you be so upbeat when you…?” I get this question all the time. And theContinue reading “Why Sooooo Serious?”

Let it be, Fully

Stop thinking, It’s a distraction. Distraction from the sadness Distraction from the anger Distraction from the exhaustion Distraction from the fear. The mind can mutate a fright Into a terror. If we let it stand in the path of an emotion. The mind will feed that poison orphan emotions Which would otherwise wander and quicklyContinue reading “Let it be, Fully”

A Song For Me

When I played with dolls, It was a nightmare tale Of scars and evil. Met with compassion and curiosity, Before I could define those words. My sister woke me up at night when she was afraid And I couldn’t give her the comfort she sought Just as accomplishment is not linear, Life is not aContinue reading “A Song For Me”