Into The Wild

It is said that to learn a language, It’s easiest if we immerse ourselves in it. It’s more complete, our brains build neurons In a comparative snap. The same is true of life. I practiced for my move to law school, Mobility, daily tasks, healthy habits, And it was hard as fluc. I move, andContinue reading “Into The Wild”

Never Thought I’ Be a Preacher But…

DRINK! WATER! I have empirical evidence as to the importance: I woke up yesterday, Feeling like a cheap TV dinner, microwaved for the 5th time. Hot flashes, lethargy, stomach upset. I did everything slowly, half-heartedly, Considering a nap, But not convinced I could fall asleep. As previously reported, I decided to push through. Took aContinue reading “Never Thought I’ Be a Preacher But…”

Science and Evidence Based Care

Variables fit into equations, And equations can be solved. They can only be right or wrong. But equations have human handlers. Humans don’t always like black or white. Even though the law on its face, Needs concrete like black and white to survive. Humans paint concrete with the spatter of blood, And the tears ofContinue reading “Science and Evidence Based Care”

Stepping Down

Even though my soapbox is not very high, I know how some of the things I write, Can sound, preachy. Can sound judgmental. They aren’t meant to be. The thoughts meandering Through my brain, Are honest questions. Critical thinking, Honest questions. And I don’t have the answers. As of now, The questions have me. IContinue reading “Stepping Down”

Gaining Speed

I moved in early, To work out kinks Before I needed to rush. Leaving only when taken out with family, Because for over two years, I rarely got out of a single room at all, Two to three days a week, And only with momma. When I fitted my feet, *Read, grunted, huffed, puffed, andContinue reading “Gaining Speed”

Super-Gluteal Muscles

Set everything up the night before, Confident I can find footing, In my new routine. Wake up early, naturally. Bathroom. Let’s go, Flip on the coffee, Pour cereal and milk. Pour coffee, add stevia. Carry everything to the island. There’s the phone charger, Oh, better plug it in, phone is almost dead. Where is it?Continue reading “Super-Gluteal Muscles”

It Has to Happen.

Yoga on the floor, You have to get up. I tried. I’ve done it for years. But, not in this apartment. I went down, Bruised chin scar. Don’t hesitate, Get up, March forward. Struggle further, until standing. Heart throbbing, Lungs heaving. Had to happen at least once here. Meditate, drink ice water. Go to bedContinue reading “It Has to Happen.”