Bodily autonomy has never been questioned In one way or another women have been made to fight for scraps of it And the further we are from the intersection of rich wasps The more it stings. I hope against all things that we all stay standing this time, Without becoming numb and complacent. My rageContinue reading “Unprecedented”

All the Titles to this Poem

have unwelcome religious connotations, Nonetheless, here we are, The more readily I walk through shadows, less often they strangle. Don’t tell me it is possible to sit with pain and knowing, They will show me themselves Given the opportunity my hands have been too weak to hold the opportunity away for years. And here weContinue reading “All the Titles to this Poem”

Up Hill Both Ways

Is real, right now. Even when I am not walking. A Human invention, Fueled by no effort. Because effort is costly. But the bliss of ignorance, Will wear thin and implode. We are slowly coming to focus As the smoke and shrapnel come to rest. Because we have trained, All our lives going up mountains,Continue reading “Up Hill Both Ways”

Sick Girl Read

Hundreds of books: Funny and pointed, Even though she didn’t laugh . Sick Girl , repelled by melody, Drawn to monotone. Sometimes the echo of her ghost slither into an ear Dressed as a construction paper rose, Hoping I have gone blind, Throwing shade on now. But, even at the darkest now, I am aContinue reading “Sick Girl Read”