Contemplating Myselfies

I take selfies because I am proud, Of a time, an accomplishment, or a merger. Those memories we want to hold,  yes. But more that eyeshadow my Anti-dexterous hands let me have …free of clown face. The shoes I could manipulate my feet into, Within 15 minutes And those mergers between the self I feel,Continue reading “Contemplating Myselfies”

Watermelon Memory 🍉

Watermelon is summer with brothers and sisters And the roo. The one who screams, The berater, batter-and-chief. And watermelon is winter in another town. Hermiston melons. With a worshiper of Strappy Flipping me like a pan-ee-cake In the cool school morning Silly and giggley and “This is how you love, this is how you standContinue reading “Watermelon Memory 🍉”

Let This be The Beginning

I keep trying, Because one day If I keep working I will be able to say Remember…? And I will be proud of this struggle. I will look at time. Finally aware of its shift Behind my back. The shift from drowning, To fierce swimming Will come. Challenge will remain, But I will master wavesContinue reading “Let This be The Beginning”

Don’t Just Keep Pushing.

I have a habit of trying to ask for help Only until I am tired. I give up as a means of energy savings. In the short term. But I pay, Because it costs either way. But in the end, The options are two: Struggle, and at best barely hang on, Or pay up frontContinue reading “Don’t Just Keep Pushing.”