I am Different, I *Still* Dream

I’ve always had ambition, Dreams, plans to make a difference. When I was little, I was going to be a nurse. Because nurses are nice to little girls. And then I realized how hard it was to hold small things, *looking at you needles 👁* Back then, I saw no ceiling on my dreams, noContinue reading “I am Different, I *Still* Dream”


The idea that tit-for-tat is justice, Is ludicrous. For the height that we start climbing, Is not equal. The hungry. The fearful for life. The cold and isolated, Will fight darkness with fire. And fire burns wildly. It doesn’t make fire evil, Or despicable. Fire is hot, And, with the proper support, We marvel atContinue reading “Retribution”

The Main Creatures

In the ocean that is my Self – There are billions of creatures. The jellyfish which turns my stomach when I am resentful The crabs who snap when I am angry The jealous eels, The restless sea stars. But, these are not the creatures who jump above the waves most often when I close myContinue reading “The Main Creatures”

Shake it Off, And Just Stay Quiet

It’s a lot harder in the moment, Not to bite into that bitter apple of anger. And all those little things, the mindless ones, Are the hardest. And I bite back, When my fuse only warms. But I know, anger’s clothes, And I know to back away And shut up. Let it pass, Honored, andContinue reading “Shake it Off, And Just Stay Quiet”