Into The Wild

It is said that to learn a language, It’s easiest if we immerse ourselves in it. It’s more complete, our brains build neurons In a comparative snap. The same is true of life. I practiced for my move to law school, Mobility, daily tasks, healthy habits, And it was hard as fluc. I move, andContinue reading “Into The Wild”

Never Thought I’ Be a Preacher But…

DRINK! WATER! I have empirical evidence as to the importance: I woke up yesterday, Feeling like a cheap TV dinner, microwaved for the 5th time. Hot flashes, lethargy, stomach upset. I did everything slowly, half-heartedly, Considering a nap, But not convinced I could fall asleep. As previously reported, I decided to push through. Took aContinue reading “Never Thought I’ Be a Preacher But…”

Science and Evidence Based Care

Variables fit into equations, And equations can be solved. They can only be right or wrong. But equations have human handlers. Humans don’t always like black or white. Even though the law on its face, Needs concrete like black and white to survive. Humans paint concrete with the spatter of blood, And the tears ofContinue reading “Science and Evidence Based Care”

The Downside of Multi-Tool “Phones”

You know, Those things meant to help people talk to each other. The things before Zoom? Yeah I know that was another, Bigone era. But I use mine for talking still, And yes, for the other things too. So, when my device’s company upgraded to a better network I had to comply, (I.E. put inContinue reading “The Downside of Multi-Tool “Phones””

It Burns 🔥

When I went outside, I thought, after checking the mail, I should explore the apartment grounds from the left. Get more familiar, So I’m less likely to be rushed, When in a crunch. So I walked around the complex, When my planned path ended, I tried to find the closest one, Going the same direction.Continue reading “It Burns 🔥”