This Doesn’t Feel Like Success

But concepts are not sensations Fearing, crying, crashing, aching Doing, creating, achieving Feel like the slip of a pencil under too much force, Ghosts, existing in no reality but our own now Bodies we’ve yet to bury, But when we lay them to rest The pencil marches forward Sucess drawn and shaded, Full of colorContinue reading “This Doesn’t Feel Like Success”

The Buddhist Open Mic

A last minute addition Uncomfortable with organized spirituality Of any kind Reading a poem before intermission, Too stuck in her head To notice the gasps of strangers Thinking, “I lost to the intermission snacks” While heading to the truck. One compliment flew between my ears, Followed by the buzz and clumping of every voice… yes,Continue reading “The Buddhist Open Mic”


a concept tarred and feathered by gender Before we realized children’s well-being suffocated under the tar. Like the slow pull of a sticky bandage from skin, Best interest, now skinned and raw We walked backward Half time for any father who seeks Even a man set to destroy. In the name of efficiency, We half-heartContinue reading “BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD”

I Have Not Forgotten

Rabbit holes are everywhere And I fell into one today, She lol’ed at “sharp as a knife” Cheering for me, as I did nothing less than survive. When her electrons came to me, Her message hit softly, Burrowed deep, And today, like many others, The stabbing, burning, of life without San Blooms into my consciousnessContinue reading “I Have Not Forgotten”

If I Were not Climbing up a Mountain

I would be falling down an embankment. As hard as changing is It is my rebellion. Taking up more space with more knowledge. The smallest piece, Though disregarded, May well be my most powerful tool. I am not naive enough to attempt remaking the wheel in one lifetime, But am mischievous enough to put myContinue reading “If I Were not Climbing up a Mountain”

If the Best of me is True

How am I still lost in the mirage Of memories that do not belong to me? What if the best of me is true? Is it the glitter of the mirage that cuts through the optimism? Is it cutting at my optic nerves? Or is it just distracting? All of this to say, the thoughtsContinue reading “If the Best of me is True”

My Mind

Won’t mind its own business Jumping from the Truths Lane and Fear Lane. Kidnapping me from good relationships Under threat of “What if I…” The binds are relaxed, But I am trained Not to test fate, When fate is stressed. Rarely do I slip away quietly, But sometimes I do Let’s hope momentum Breaks theContinue reading “My Mind”

The Rubber Sh*ts hits the End of The Tunnel

I am a little girl With big ideas And a stunted, Yet fully grown body. And I could be representing clients In the coming months. I’m not kidding. Me, The little idealist, Tripping on my fury More often than my fears now. My mantra has never been “I will win and they will lose,” But…Continue reading “The Rubber Sh*ts hits the End of The Tunnel”