Dr. Suess for Adults

I am an adult And I know that the woman Is sick with fear, Stunted In the disguise of an adult. But, my knowledge doesn’t blunt her viciousness. Or her power as a “parent” To isolate and try to destroy a sister. I don’t hate her, I despise knowing that no amount of distance orContinue reading “Dr. Suess for Adults”

Everyone Needs Some Hope And A HaPPY DanCE-Take Some Of Mine :)

I have been sick again over this last two weeks, (not covid yay!), but it sure felt awful! I am getting back into my groove, and I can prove it! A friend of mine said to me once that if someone is singing a song they love, don’t tease them, they’re are happy and weContinue reading “Everyone Needs Some Hope And A HaPPY DanCE-Take Some Of Mine :)”

Be patient, or Just Don’t Curse on Camera

Monday was my LSAT and, even with a persistent light headache, I was happy. At least I was functional and not fog-brained! The exam wasn’t without surprises. My test started off smoothly, almost TOO smoothly. I felt confident in almost all of my answer choices! Second guess much?—> me to myself. I TRIED not toContinue reading “Be patient, or Just Don’t Curse on Camera”

O-M-G! Are We There Already? (Can We Rewind Things a Second?)

Thank you for not forgetting me! I feel like it has been too long since my last post, and I wanted to give you the explanation. The person(s) doing a feedback reading of the manuscript halted for a time in order to address some professional commitments. The good news is that the process has beganContinue reading “O-M-G! Are We There Already? (Can We Rewind Things a Second?)”

Why People Mourn, or Not

When I hear an idea that strikes me and gets my mind turning I hold onto it. If that thought comes back to me repeatedly in the following few days, I write it down and keep writing about it until it feels done. Most of my poetry takes the above path of creation. Tonight IContinue reading “Why People Mourn, or Not”

The Writer’s Nightmare!!!!

So, I finally get up the moxie to write a short piece of fiction for a contest. But, what do I write? I have a long running story in my mind, this story has been evolving with me since I was a very little girl. I was so young when I started working it outContinue reading “The Writer’s Nightmare!!!!”

Finding Your Audience

Good news first, I followed through with the storytelling event last night! I realized one thing after it was over, the event despite being worthwhile, and enjoyable over all I get the feeling that I am not seen in the same way as others there. Much of that sense is likely to be my assumptionContinue reading “Finding Your Audience”

Moody Me (How I Get Sh!t Done When I Don’t Wanna)

I used to experience life as a fearless extrovert. I wanted to go to new places and do new things all the time. This insatiable desire for novel experiences was rarely met for three reasons, my Cerebral Palsy made most others nervous, my momma prefers privacy, and the time and energy it takes to doContinue reading “Moody Me (How I Get Sh!t Done When I Don’t Wanna)”

Regrets and Tacos

*these events take place before SickyBeat begins in 2009.* On Thursday, February 2006 around 7P.M. I lay in a hospital bed alone after my family had left. I’d finished a very precise meal, chicken tacos, and was not allowed to walk around, my television watching would be monitored as well, no food, fashion, or dietContinue reading “Regrets and Tacos”