The Lessons Missing

Listening to a true crime podcast, Because I never want to be too comfortable. I think of the criminal, so called, And wonder what they would feel if their family were victims? And then, What would happen if children, Before school became a burden, Were asked to sit with uncomfortable feelings. With a simple question,Continue reading “The Lessons Missing”

A Script Yet Written

The orange leaves say fall Against the night The nibbling chill and rain scream October. My mind, blanketed by that scream, Reflects. I was broken 12 hours ago, Hopelessly exhausted, And exhaustedly hopeless. But 12 hours ago, Is no more, I slept away 12 hours ago. And the music woven in the darkness is profound.Continue reading “A Script Yet Written”

Your Eyes Are Not Lying but…

Witnesses are weird things We see in moments of chaos, But our eyes can’t rotate 360° The messages within and without our minds Fill up our senses, And scrambled them. So we remember people and things Details braided Inseparabley merged Melted chocolate and marshmallows and Graham crackers, Even split, everything is everywhere, Nothing is justContinue reading “Your Eyes Are Not Lying but…”