The Beginning of a Series

 Personal Hot Takes One, the term “Hot Takes” is ridiculous We should be able to disagree respectfully,  and “Hot Take” has a negative connotation the fact that we are riled up by an opinion  says more about us, than it does the opinion. Two, waffles are more than a vehicle for syrup, If you drenchContinue reading “The Beginning of a Series”

The Reasons I Won’t Let Me

Others will think I’m weak, ignorant, unaware… She will lose her temper and hell will break lose. I’ll inconvenience everyone. I’ll have to deal with their unreasonable reactions, they could leave, and take my freedom too. I move too slowly. I’ll lose control. I believed a person in the know who said I wasn’t goodContinue reading “The Reasons I Won’t Let Me”

Lost Thoughts

I am a heavy thinker; I am a “Dig my own rabbit hole,” thinker. I am proud, because I often find golden ideas and crystal clarity. but, there are times, when the “Rabbit hole” I’m digging becomes a grave and all it takes is a few nearby footfalls to bury me, in ideas I’d alreadyContinue reading “Lost Thoughts”

Creativity and Chronic Illness(es)

In motion I am powerful Creating, building, learning. But, my body and brain are out of sync. One is ahead of the other if they function at all. By light years if by inches it seems. Years of plans have been sold to unappreciative minds With too much space, And eons of ideas have beenContinue reading “Creativity and Chronic Illness(es)”

Because You’re Not …Because You Are

No one will say out loud that she killed herself. To be honest, I know none of the reasons her friends use softer language, but I can make educated guesses: Because it hurts to say, Because suicide is wrong. Because death is scary and sad Because she gave up on treatment Yes, my heart hurtsContinue reading “Because You’re Not …Because You Are”

Things I Have Faith In

                Things I have faith in: The value of minorities The idea that some answers will linger, Out of my reach. The power of trauma to quash infinite voices That the comfortable among us will not seek growth Even as so much shrivels and dies, That those who demand “English Only,” speak division, instead ofContinue reading “Things I Have Faith In”