In Honor of My P.I.T.A

I recently brought up the severe hip pain that I had been dealing with from the 26th of July until last Sunday. I’m still not 100% sure why it started or why it stopped, but I do know what it felt like. So, and this is the important part, I decided to make something usefulContinue reading “In Honor of My P.I.T.A”

When Feedback Comes, at a Trickle; How to Keep a Story Alive.

As I wait to get writing feedback from some of my potential audience, it’s hard not to want to shout “Hurry UP!” and let loose a deep sigh. I can only do so much with the book as I wait on other eyes. I feel strange without a writing project in the works, but ifContinue reading “When Feedback Comes, at a Trickle; How to Keep a Story Alive.”

Winco is a Divisive Place.

In my previous blog entry I said I would be posting more, and more diverse styles of, content here. I was able to get better access to both hardware, a more up to date refurbished smartphone, and software, a more functional web browser, for creating! Thus, I am sharing some new recorded content from theContinue reading “Winco is a Divisive Place.”

Do You Ever Want To…

There is one useful thing about being a sociopath: not giving a darn after they get what they want about how it hurts anyone else. I don’t recommend trying to become one yourself, because eventually they become isolated by burning bridges and/or imprisonment and/or related mental decline. But it would be nice to not careContinue reading “Do You Ever Want To…”

Exhibit A, Your Honor.

Yesterday, was in search of examples of nonfiction written descriptively without relying on metaphors to bring the story to life. This was an effort to broaden my descriptive tool repertoire, while not losing myself in the process. I love those meta___s and find them an effective way to get emotions across to readers in aContinue reading “Exhibit A, Your Honor.”

My Nasty Habit

I think in metaphor, and write in metaphor, A LOT. During another feedback session with my reader metaphor has come up again. The tool can be useful, but as with much in life, I’ve gone to the extreme while using them to paint my pictures. Maybe the tangle of metaphors is my way of doingContinue reading “My Nasty Habit”

Another Perspective: How To Eat an Elephant

I am AHEAD of schedule with the third cover/Title pairing! A difficult feat for the software on my laptop and my patience. This imagery shines a different light on the story of my 20’s. It shows the light that wouldn’t dim during that time. For those of you who know the elephant in the roomContinue reading “Another Perspective: How To Eat an Elephant”

The Ultimate Question

When I was in middle school one of the well liked students (by teachers and students!), said in passing, “You know Mr. M, the shortest complete statement in the English is, I am.” The science teacher, Mr. M. engaged with this student and listened as he explained that in the sentence, “I” was the subject,Continue reading “The Ultimate Question”

Mark ‘Er Up!

She read a line, a metaphor referencing Shania, meant to signify my state of mind at that time of life. I expressed that to my reader, still having to admit that the tone that came across when SHE read it didn’t fit my intended message. When I had done a verbal edit I knew where I stand, and the exact meaning I was trying to convey. Although I have a fair command over the English language, I also tend to use words as a poet first…..