Tools Connections

Listed here are the writing tools and resources I’ve found useful;they are meant for anyone with something to say! Most, if not all, offer free tools, and more if you want!


* new: for poets

If you’re a poetry writer check out Portland Poetry Slam or Slamlandia (or both!) On Facebook:

Portland Poetry Slam

Slamlandia is an all around style and educational tool for writers.


The all-around writer’s podcast
Sarah Rhea Werner’s podcast is about finding the “writer’s head-space” & is full of thought provoking ideas, great conversations with other writers, & tips to define 7 strengthen our writing!

Publishing & Promotion

Kathryn Kemp Guylay’s podcast covers all kinds of ways (& things to consider) in the publishing/ promotion process. If you have a question, this podcast most likely can give you more than one answer so something will fit your style

What has helped you to write and publish? If you have tips or tools you like a lot, please contact me so I can share them with everyone!

Email: 😀



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