To The Young Nurse

A month ago At my first hospital visit In a year, I met you. Be nice to the nurses, They 💛 bananas like the rest of us, They don’t usually inquire About whether their patient’s “personal lives “ Were a life choice. When I told her, I can’t be pregnant, I didn’t even joke, AboutContinue reading “To The Young Nurse”


I don’t need motivation, I need her child to start my day. When I stumble out of bed I can hear that youthful spirit, Occasionally echoing within the tunnels of my being. The promise of accomplishment is carried by excitement When I walk alongside Where i must move through motivation, willing to carry all theContinue reading “Excitement”

The Painfully Funny

I am not one to easily admit… Struggling Because I have pride, Nonetheless, the broom and dirt in my house Have no such silly notions, And yesterday they tried to teach me, BROOM “I have deployed the dust pan- Note how he is not concerned with performance As he slides back when we approach.” DIRT:Continue reading “The Painfully Funny”

What Mad is For

I am studious, Terrorized by thoughts of not measuring up. I hate being disliked, But, I can stand up When class affords privileges unearned, When judgment guts a bystander’s spirit, As a means of boosting someone else. I can face fears, owned, & observed, When these injustices anger me enough And I cross a threshold.Continue reading “What Mad is For”