It’s hard to not thinktaking up spaceIs magnetized To the metal bulleton my chest I walked into a Courthouse,One for the “little people”even as I am a rung aboveAnd climbing, I feel the urge to explain,To repent,for taking up spaceI know my value And my otherness I cannot shake the delusionThat it is my faultContinue reading “Space”

Process and Pricing

If “just writ(ing) down what comes” Is the cure for writer’s block; I must relapse every other day. The flow has yet to strike, I hear of a non-discript ‘zone ‘ But, much like science fiction, It has no address or code. Thus, empty white electrons Whose shine demands space, Give me vertigo Until blanketedContinue reading “Process and Pricing”

Going to Your Head

Year after year, Doctor after doctor, Condescension, followed by condemnation, Followed by empty, cover your ass words, to a sky ghost. And they still know all the answers. Drs. Know it all, They are convinced. Even after I challenge every notion of what is true. Given 3 months of life, I am alive eight yearsContinue reading “Going to Your Head”

How to Focus

If I knew how, I would be famous for something by now. And not something violent or flash-in-the-pan. Something social, something bright. But I am a “five minute zone” kinda chik. After that, I fitter away…. Oooh, internet, shiny! Perfect for imaging future conquests! The perfect robot vacuum! And thus free time galore! To doContinue reading “How to Focus”

Thank You a Hundred Times Over

You like me! You really like me! I just hit 100 followers! THANKS FOR LETTING ME ENTERTAIN YOU! My goal for 2021 is to get more of your thoughts and comments! I want to know you! I want to stretch my mind. Keep being amazing 👏 Feel free to invite friends too! Have a wonderfulContinue reading “Thank You a Hundred Times Over”