Education and active practice are two of the most important factors in improving skills. It takes time…Mmm hmmm. You want proof? I’ll use my drawing skills as an example. I have been studying drawing realistic faces… Neither is professional grade, but the growth is exponential. I don’t draw every single day, but I do itContinue reading “Practice”


We see the abbreviated stories and cut to happy endings, while we know without endurance running through it, victory is gutted. We don’t know enough to know everything, and the uncertainty is torture, so we tell stories to fill in the gaps a pile of leaves, over holes we then jump on. Time is ourContinue reading “Endure”

To be Drowned in the Tide of Tension

The day seems to have stormed in and I seek to harness it, even as I am battered before I can rise. with my brain screaming, “Bow! RETREAT!” I am fueled but the minute failures so small that they cannot be evidenced, only known. And because I know them I do all I can toContinue reading “To be Drowned in the Tide of Tension”