The Main Creatures

In the ocean that is my Self – There are billions of creatures. The jellyfish which turns my stomach when I am resentful The crabs who snap when I am angry The jealous eels, The restless sea stars. But, these are not the creatures who jump above the waves most often when I close myContinue reading “The Main Creatures”

Just to Remind You

I was so free of that decade of depression, that I hadn’t thought of it outside distant memories. Even in the middle of a war that I could only witness I could still find stars through the gun smoke but, to continue the metaphor, at an odd hour the stars were captured by dark clouds,Continue reading “Just to Remind You”

Ride the Waves

The good, the bad, the frightful, the funny, everything moves ang changes. Some people follow the flow of the world easily, whether they started from a better position, or are purely exceptional at the art of rolling with the punches. I lost my psychological and emotional elasticity at age sixteen, and gave myself a beatingContinue reading “Ride the Waves”

Writing, Living and That Weird “Balance” Thing

I know, “It could be worse.” That is true, but my feelings are reasonable and legit. Looking at others with pity has never lifted me up, what keeps me getting up over and over is knowing that their is a better out their for me, a better I deserve. Whether it exists in another income bracket, another country, or in my own creativity, the only way to get there is to keep going. Sometimes it means I slow down to care for myself, but I never stop permanently. You shouldn’t either.