My Mind

Won’t mind its own business Jumping from the Truths Lane and Fear Lane. Kidnapping me from good relationships Under threat of “What if I…” The binds are relaxed, But I am trained Not to test fate, When fate is stressed. Rarely do I slip away quietly, But sometimes I do Let’s hope momentum Breaks theContinue reading “My Mind”

Wake up Dancing ๐Ÿ’ƒ

I hope you can find a day When you can wake up And dance on top the sparks of chaos For no other reason, Than the striking of a mood. Not for being alive, Not for the fiction of should, And not as a matter of pity porn. The morning may be cool, The skyContinue reading “Wake up Dancing ๐Ÿ’ƒ”

Into The Wild

It is said that to learn a language, It’s easiest if we immerse ourselves in it. It’s more complete, our brains build neurons In a comparative snap. The same is true of life. I practiced for my move to law school, Mobility, daily tasks, healthy habits, And it was hard as fluc. I move, andContinue reading “Into The Wild”


They want someone to be accountable, So they don’t take accountability, for what they do to make it happen. Blue as the ocean clear, Turned purple and sour With blood and tears. And the jailed doves Don’t show rage, For the broken bones in their wings and legs Beaten and de-feathered After years The doveContinue reading “Accountability”

Emotional Space

I needed help To move on, And it was going To take her time, Interrupted her, Even with warning. And because ability Has always been faulty, Faultless as that is. They injected anger Into my habitat My skin stung, Without consumption. And I wanted to scream, How dare you! I didn’t choose, And I continueContinue reading “Emotional Space”