The idea that tit-for-tat is justice, Is ludicrous. For the height that we start climbing, Is not equal. The hungry. The fearful for life. The cold and isolated, Will fight darkness with fire. And fire burns wildly. It doesn’t make fire evil, Or despicable. Fire is hot, And, with the proper support, We marvel atContinue reading “Retribution”

Learning to Shut Up

When ideas come They vibrate in my skull Up from my brain They leave a trail of energy To my eye sockets and back, There isn’t enough space for them to all escape. So behind brain and into the throat. They sit and tickle, for the blink of an eye, And it has taken years,Continue reading “Learning to Shut Up”


for you I have a love, like water, like elastic in your name I stretch, to encompass you and all of your overflowing trauma, to hold what you cannot, even when it snaps and stings I may be thin but I am that circle unbroken, if I do nothing else, at my distance I willContinue reading “Elastic”

The Good Fear

I have become a more thoughtful and self-aware person in the last decade. But, even if my first book had been a family hit, the anxiety would still be here. I am revealing a part of my mind and thoughts during times of psychosis and selfishness. I am talking about things and people I enjoy that some people find annoying or fill in the ____. I’m asking FOR critique in my style and holes I may have missed in my writing. That vulnerability is hard.