The Morning of the Hyperactive Feline

The night before, I was able to format the assignment. Got half of it completed, and Realise, I had a second one due. Did it, and went to bed. Confident in my footing. Until I woke up in the morning. Cats can really put you in your place. She slapped me in my face, WhileContinue reading “The Morning of the Hyperactive Feline”

Going to Your Head

Year after year, Doctor after doctor, Condescension, followed by condemnation, Followed by empty, cover your ass words, to a sky ghost. And they still know all the answers. Drs. Know it all, They are convinced. Even after I challenge every notion of what is true. Given 3 months of life, I am alive eight yearsContinue reading “Going to Your Head”

Lip Syncing Update…

My original plan was to lip-Sync my favourite songs so everyone could have a little laugh while getting to know me but, I feel even MORE ridiculous doing that than I do singing.(Dunno HOW that’s possible…But here we are!) That said, here you go! AND happy passover, Easter, Ramadan, and SPRING!