“Tell Them I’m Not Crazy”-Quotes from Wanda Jean

I saw her name pop up, that compassionate part of me thought, She’s so isolated, I can listen. She had a lot to say, And very little fluidity behind it, “I was kidnapped and taken from Russia, You are not my child, SHE was switched at birth And the doctor also took a few ofContinue reading ““Tell Them I’m Not Crazy”-Quotes from Wanda Jean”

Staying Busy

Hello all! I appreciate your patience as I get this site going! Perfectionism & confusion are like oil and water it turns out. Aren’t you ShOCkeD?!?!? Also not beneficial: frequent illness & an aversion to asking for help. I’m working toward finding balance while I continue to create. In the meanwhile I offer you whatContinue reading “Staying Busy”