I am Different, I *Still* Dream

I’ve always had ambition, Dreams, plans to make a difference. When I was little, I was going to be a nurse. Because nurses are nice to little girls. And then I realized how hard it was to hold small things, *looking at you needles 👁* Back then, I saw no ceiling on my dreams, noContinue reading “I am Different, I *Still* Dream”

Freud (Interpret That)

A brother-the chef Sisters- an artist, & a righteous loner with dreams as big as her heart Two moms and a “Hells Angels Santa, ” stepdad. And me Traveling somewhere, and nowhere, in Santa’s camper Strange harmony, but harmony As we travel to a Goodwill-ish store, Going through liquidation And selling whiskey. A dream simultaneouslyContinue reading “Freud (Interpret That)”