A Script Yet Written

The orange leaves say fall Against the night The nibbling chill and rain scream October. My mind, blanketed by that scream, Reflects. I was broken 12 hours ago, Hopelessly exhausted, And exhaustedly hopeless. But 12 hours ago, Is no more, I slept away 12 hours ago. And the music woven in the darkness is profound.Continue reading “A Script Yet Written”

Dancing with exhausted

The alarm is set, For 6am. I go to bed at 10:30pm, But my internal clock dings at 5am, And the snooze button isn’t functional. So I throw myself vertical, Make my bed, and meander to the bathroom. On nothing but momentum and coffee fantasies. The tired will weave, Ebb and Flow at its extremes,Continue reading “Dancing with exhausted”


Starting to live as my strongest self, Kindest self, Doing the next right thing, And the next right thing, That I can be proud of, Making mistakes along the way. walking past them, When they became clear. Even those right things, Exhaust me, At the morning light, I can’t find my thoughts, The ones withContinue reading “Scattered”

Some Extra Hope

If you are too tired for self careand can’t give the world anything morethus they ache in tandum with you not depressed, or hopeless, or broken spiritedTIRED if I can infer you’d not be those things to the fucking Nth degree if you hadn’t had to tell every other person in the worldto fuck offorContinue reading “Some Extra Hope”