Family Realism

The idea that I must love Those whose blood I share Makes me roll my eyes. Family can be deadly just as easily As it can be loving. All too often spirits are decapitated With families choosing to Bury the dead under the title, “FAMILY” If a body doesn’t fall in step, It’s all tooContinue reading “Family Realism”

Different Sisters

I went to volunteer at a preschool Excited and optimistic. I would be helping little children grow. We would play, and I, I would make a positive impact. I’m great with little kids I’m told! I think they lied to me. Because, On my first day, A little boy came running at me without warning.Continue reading “Different Sisters”

I Don’t Need Children

I went from a child peacemaker To enter adulthood through a hall of invisible terror I would have clicked my heels three times, there’s no one like old Misty, *click* there’s no one like child Misty, *Click* there’s no one like farsighted Misty, *CLICK* Once through that ten-million-mile hall I have no desire to turnContinue reading “I Don’t Need Children”

I’m Gonna do it For Me

You know those family members you love and are fun to visit with, but they aren’t so good at keeping in touch? They get super busy (and that is the truth), or they aren’t so great with letters (WHHHAAT?!?), or they can’t stand phones (talking on one anyway)? I have several siblings like that, andContinue reading “I’m Gonna do it For Me”