Testing, Do Not Disturb.

Anxiety. I tried not to let it reign. I practiced self care, And studied. I put my best foot forward, And, as it turned out, I put it out into a puddle, On the way to the exam. And, as it turned out, My ride wasn’t even there. Stay upbeat, Sing in the heavy rainContinue reading “Testing, Do Not Disturb.”


Propagating As in seeds. Propagating a different kind of seeds Seeds of ideas Only the hearty, Fear, hate, and othering Survive. Other seeds planted budding Until they are overtaken by The weeds of propagation. Growing faster than a wildfire spreading in a dry summer windstorm. May we learn the wisdom of the wilderness Before weContinue reading “Propaganda”

OTD #2

Failure starts it’s morning with cream of wheat,gone cold, with nothing added.Failure is gender-fluida serial hostage taker and sociopathjust like their parents:Fear and Guiltno one would guess how liberal they areand close knit too the three spend their days playing Lifeover. And over. And over. – before lunchhaving justed moved from a Temporal Lobe ghettotoContinue reading “OTD #2”


The oldest memories in the back of my mind Scare me. Do. NOT. Inconvenience. Mom. Do not wake her from a dream, To pee at night. Even at age four, While staying in a camper without a toilet. Her anger is frightening. So scary, The “inconvenience ” feeling Had tunneled deep into the makeup ofContinue reading “Uncomfortable”