OTD #2

Failure starts it’s morning with cream of wheat,gone cold, with nothing added.Failure is gender-fluida serial hostage taker and sociopathjust like their parents:Fear and Guiltno one would guess how liberal they areand close knit too the three spend their days playing Lifeover. And over. And over. – before lunchhaving justed moved from a Temporal Lobe ghettotoContinue reading “OTD #2”


The oldest memories in the back of my mind Scare me. Do. NOT. Inconvenience. Mom. Do not wake her from a dream, To pee at night. Even at age four, While staying in a camper without a toilet. Her anger is frightening. So scary, The “inconvenience ” feeling Had tunneled deep into the makeup ofContinue reading “Uncomfortable”

The Weirdo Gets Weird(er)

As an elementary school kid, I never paid much attention to my difference from other kids. Sure, I have Cerebral Palsy and used a wheelchair most of the time but, I was never treated much differently. As a human my tendency is to remember the negative, (including my tantrum at 5 years old as IContinue reading “The Weirdo Gets Weird(er)”