Law is about procedure Efficiency and justice Fighting and dancing I can’t see, How it is acceptable, That efficiency is allowed to batter innocence Even once. Let alone the thousands of times An innocent person is caged, Because procedure will not allow The evidence of absolute innocence Because it is time barred.1

Twelve Angry Women

I pledge to be the skeptic. I have seen stories before storms I have witnessed people’s thrashing. As they try not to drown, Pulling at everything they can reach. Before anyone started paying attention. When the terror finally infects another world, Suddenly, it’s criminal, Critical that we pick the scab. Until it bleeds, Again andContinue reading “Twelve Angry Women”

Pushing The Envelope

I can do more. If I music producer can Pivot to bringing false confessions And wrongful convictions to light If KKW can advocate. I can too. My voice is at least as loud, Even if my presence isn’t. I am beginning to push open To push out the sides of my Comfortable envelope, Stand upContinue reading “Pushing The Envelope”