Nutty Joy

I love my cereal. That full flavored morning joy in a purple and white box. And it was hoarded from me when this panic began. I waited, I searched for a replacement, Trying something new every week, And every effort fell flat in my mouth, Month after month after boring month. My hope piqued withContinue reading “Nutty Joy”

Those Simple Things

Dizzy-free sessions at my work desk are a beautiful thing. Being able to keep food and water down— it’s #healthgoals! Not needing to perch next to a heater for 2 minutes, And then run for cool air like it was treasure. Having a place to lay down my head, that won’t cause screaming muscle pain,Continue reading “Those Simple Things”

Have You Ever Made THAT Kind of Mistake?

No, I don’t mean walking out of a public restroom with a surprise white train following you? Not that time you failed your essay exam because you misread the question or got the numbers in a year reversed. Has someone stood by you, or done something to help, and you thought THEY KNEW how gratefulContinue reading “Have You Ever Made THAT Kind of Mistake?”