The Way They Say it…

Just because an idea doesn’t hit me just right Doesn’t mean it’s poison, Perhaps it was a rocky translation Of my value language, Or a lyric I misheard That, if I knew what it originally was, Would give me an entirely new meaning From a song of ignorance, to one of depth A sentence IContinue reading “The Way They Say it…”

Quiet friends

She sat by me When assigned at work Bitter and pessimistic, I rolled my mind’s eye. Another robotic newbie, The script is bad enough, But ears bleed next to a new outreach specialist. It’s no one’s fault, except the writers’ It seems every light I find Looks like hell fire coming to consume me fromContinue reading “Quiet friends”


Education and active practice are two of the most important factors in improving skills. It takes time…Mmm hmmm. You want proof? I’ll use my drawing skills as an example. I have been studying drawing realistic faces… Neither is professional grade, but the growth is exponential. I don’t draw every single day, but I do itContinue reading “Practice”

There’s Having no FILTER And Having no filter

pity the philosopher, the thinker. Her senses are hieghtened Her emotions crash. After resurfacing one area of mind its neighbor fills with pinpricks. just big enough to make her crazy if they aren’t fixed. a stain on character, that is shared with the world and she is uncapable of ignoring. Translucent except with age, itContinue reading “There’s Having no FILTER And Having no filter”

Correlating Change

I recently realized that some of the feedback I’ve gotten (repeatedly) on Sickybeat is seriously bothering me. So much so that I have not stopped thinking about it since the last time my “Reader Zero” repeated it. I was stewing over the fact that this feedback was more based on her stylistic preference, which IContinue reading “Correlating Change”

From A Wheelchair To A Rock Climbing Wall

Good evening folks! I thought I’d share a piece of writing more like what will be in the Sickybeat book! My 2014 rock climbing adventure follows. Longish post, so you have been warned             When people see me pass by in the mall or grocery store, I can nearly guarantee they don’t think, “I’ll betContinue reading “From A Wheelchair To A Rock Climbing Wall”

Toppled Tables

Someone in my family suffers from Borderline Personality disorder. Most of us have distanced ourselves to a degree in order to keep our lives moving forward. I reached out yesterday, and this person was sweet and silly on video chat. When they sent a message this morning the difference in thinking was unbelievable. If IContinue reading “Toppled Tables”

Petite Storytellers, This One’s for you!

I like to add tools for other writers here when I can, and I have a new tool for short story writers. I’ve been quietly sneaking around the Master’s Review website ( ) and newsletters for two years. I kept telling myself, that someday I would enter their short story contest(s), when I wasn’tContinue reading “Petite Storytellers, This One’s for you!”