The Wounded

They often walk without drooping heads. I live among them for a reason. Not displaced, stabbing over. The wounded are not ugly, Perhaps hallow in the areas Behind the oozing. If there were no angry, gapping wounds The people may see the threads missing In the world they were torn from. I am yet gone,Continue reading “The Wounded”

Mood Swings, aka, Weather

It’s raining in June After having been ninety-five degrees A week ago. The weather is reflecting my twenties, Back at me, Angry, Sad, Afraid, Powerful, Persistent embers Hopeful. So that I remember, So that I don’t shed it behind me. The darkness comes, Like the rain, The cold and snow, And the darkness goes, InContinue reading “Mood Swings, aka, Weather”

Talking Mask

I was once a talker, Over-talker, Because my words can do summer salts. It was the only way I was ever respected, Ever truly heard. Or so I told myself, If my words were a book, The most I got was a glancing skim. When I saw the truth, I stopped talking, interacting, Socializing, IContinue reading “Talking Mask”

Can You See The World?

The one you want? If everything was your perfect, Have you imagined what you would do, to get there? Or are you too embarrassed to pretend anymore? Because we’re not children We have a job, and a drink Enough to lube us, For the repeated rat race. And somehow that is more reasonable, Than imaginingContinue reading “Can You See The World?”

The Way They Say it…

Just because an idea doesn’t hit me just right Doesn’t mean it’s poison, Perhaps it was a rocky translation Of my value language, Or a lyric I misheard That, if I knew what it originally was, Would give me an entirely new meaning From a song of ignorance, to one of depth A sentence IContinue reading “The Way They Say it…”

Quiet friends

She sat by me When assigned at work Bitter and pessimistic, I rolled my mind’s eye. Another robotic newbie, The script is bad enough, But ears bleed next to a new outreach specialist. It’s no one’s fault, except the writers’ It seems every light I find Looks like hell fire coming to consume me fromContinue reading “Quiet friends”


Education and active practice are two of the most important factors in improving skills. It takes time…Mmm hmmm. You want proof? I’ll use my drawing skills as an example. I have been studying drawing realistic faces… Neither is professional grade, but the growth is exponential. I don’t draw every single day, but I do itContinue reading “Practice”

There’s Having no FILTER And Having no filter

pity the philosopher, the thinker. Her senses are hieghtened Her emotions crash. After resurfacing one area of mind its neighbor fills with pinpricks. just big enough to make her crazy if they aren’t fixed. a stain on character, that is shared with the world and she is uncapable of ignoring. Translucent except with age, itContinue reading “There’s Having no FILTER And Having no filter”