The Buddhist Open Mic

A last minute addition Uncomfortable with organized spirituality Of any kind Reading a poem before intermission, Too stuck in her head To notice the gasps of strangers Thinking, “I lost to the intermission snacks” While heading to the truck. One compliment flew between my ears, Followed by the buzz and clumping of every voice… yes,Continue reading “The Buddhist Open Mic”

If the Best of me is True

How am I still lost in the mirage Of memories that do not belong to me? What if the best of me is true? Is it the glitter of the mirage that cuts through the optimism? Is it cutting at my optic nerves? Or is it just distracting? All of this to say, the thoughtsContinue reading “If the Best of me is True”

My Mind

Won’t mind its own business Jumping from the Truths Lane and Fear Lane. Kidnapping me from good relationships Under threat of “What if I…” The binds are relaxed, But I am trained Not to test fate, When fate is stressed. Rarely do I slip away quietly, But sometimes I do Let’s hope momentum Breaks theContinue reading “My Mind”

Naive ish

Last night I meandered toward bed, Like inebriated molasses, Slow, content, thinking of tomorrow. Tomorrow I will focus more effectively. Fight and overcome my distraction. Oh, tomorrow! Like thousands of other tomorrows, Yet, after years, the hope persists. I keep trying better. And, even if that is naive, I am grateful for it.


Law is about procedure Efficiency and justice Fighting and dancing I can’t see, How it is acceptable, That efficiency is allowed to batter innocence Even once. Let alone the thousands of times An innocent person is caged, Because procedure will not allow The evidence of absolute innocence Because it is time barred.1