Different Sisters

I went to volunteer at a preschool Excited and optimistic. I would be helping little children grow. We would play, and I, I would make a positive impact. I’m great with little kids I’m told! I think they lied to me. Because, On my first day, A little boy came running at me without warning.Continue reading “Different Sisters”

Controlled Substance

I ordered the new prescription a week before running out. Because it is a controlled substance, A support for my dreams After years of keeping me alive Because so many outside witnesses Deemed me a lost cause. Because my pennies don’t gleam enough. And so the controlled substance Must be guarded, We poor people couldContinue reading “Controlled Substance”

Do it Because You’re Able

Friends in the darkness The kind of lingering darkness That’s a struggle to break through from the other side Even though it can be transparent from time to time. The horrors you see, Leave you feeling helpless. And you might not want to waist your time talking. But, It’s Not About You. It’s about thatContinue reading “Do it Because You’re Able”