Propagating As in seeds. Propagating a different kind of seeds Seeds of ideas Only the hearty, Fear, hate, and othering Survive. Other seeds planted budding Until they are overtaken by The weeds of propagation. Growing faster than a wildfire spreading in a dry summer windstorm. May we learn the wisdom of the wilderness Before weContinue reading “Propaganda”

Let There Be Darkness

Monday I was exhausted, Because of the dropping iron. Tuesday one word: menstruation. Wednesday, I don’t even remember. And Thursday, oh fuck Thursday. School lockdown, Migraine number 1, Two classes, And a grade that made me cry. I am better, I have been giving,  working and trying And this grade, one of few is noneContinue reading “Let There Be Darkness”

Got Motivation?

I don’t. Which is not to say life’s not good. I just wonder, What life would be like, If I wasn’t always breathless. I would prefer life was a series of sprints Because my body, Good as she serves me, Is not designed for marathons. Until that happens, I’ll have to push on With onlyContinue reading “Got Motivation?”

The Ember of Opportunity

At the edge of triple digit heat There is an ember floating In the air so humid That it’s easy to think It won’t catch. But don’t be fooled I am most free, Most stable, Amid water. And I will spread. Everyone will be marked, Some by a warm hug, Others by a passionate charingContinue reading “The Ember of Opportunity”

In Honor of The Good

They need someone to change their world From one woman, and her deteriorating inner world. The mother who never really was. Almost, There was a night, Always on Saturdays That I could find a mother hidden behind the defensive, broken, girl. On Saturday she would make her homemade stir-fry, With peas from her garden. And,Continue reading “In Honor of The Good”