Summer Fruit

Today marks the annual first summer fruit breakfast And I would like to recognize that, Even though fresh Oregon berries taste like hope for a better world, The berries would be much bigger, If I could share them, with the thousands of wrongfully convicted, Living on hopeless, flavorless, carbohydrates. Justice is sweet, Only some tasteContinue reading “Summer Fruit”


Please permit me the strength to Evolve beyond the insecurities, Raging, beyond blood depth, Monsters, of dependence for ability. Induring fear of being hidden behind Social stereotypes that allow society to Sanction their pessimism and dismissal I am forgotten, we are, because Offers of empty prayer and some half-assed Notion of accessibility.

The Light of Morning

The light of morning doesn’t always come at dawn. It doesn’t always come in a twenty-four hour cycles It can come in childhood, And leave another entire phase of life in the darkness. It can linger, like a thick fog, frozen in the air against your skin. Darkness is isolating and heavy, But the morningContinue reading “The Light of Morning”


If this life was a flower, You may scoff, At the dandelion In the dying grass. But, I feed the bees, And people blanket me in wishes, “Get well.” “Stay strong. “ “Have faith.” “Keep trying.” “Have respect for your elders. “ And after that I am blown aside, Except for a few souls whoContinue reading “DANDELION GIRL”