Creativity and Chronic Illness(es)

In motion I am powerful Creating, building, learning. But, my body and brain are out of sync. One is ahead of the other if they function at all. By light years if by inches it seems. Years of plans have been sold to unappreciative minds With too much space, And eons of ideas have beenContinue reading “Creativity and Chronic Illness(es)”

From A Wheelchair To A Rock Climbing Wall

Good evening folks! I thought I’d share a piece of writing more like what will be in the Sickybeat book! My 2014 rock climbing adventure follows. Longish post, so you have been warned             When people see me pass by in the mall or grocery store, I can nearly guarantee they don’t think, “I’ll betContinue reading “From A Wheelchair To A Rock Climbing Wall”

Surprises and Persistence

I have a lot of plans each morning about writing and editing, learning new words in my favourite language app and and the psychology of language itself, and so many other things. In all honesty, my expectations are too high for the perfect day, and I am lucky to wake up optimistic even when I have been struggling. Hope doesn’t spring eternal for everyone.

Procrastination and Perfectionism -Riddle Me This.

Am I the only writer who only gets good ideas ten miles away from my computer, paper and pencil and even my dumb smart phone? I’m relatively sure tech isn’t out to get me, (yet.) But, every single time I create time and space to write, writing process is akin to pushing an insecure stackContinue reading “Procrastination and Perfectionism -Riddle Me This.”

Lip Syncing Update…

My original plan was to lip-Sync my favourite songs so everyone could have a little laugh while getting to know me but, I feel even MORE ridiculous doing that than I do singing.(Dunno HOW that’s possible…But here we are!) That said, here you go! AND happy passover, Easter, Ramadan, and SPRING!

Have a good Laugh

Don’t pee yourself. I know everyone needs positivity right now, and the song I am about to share (MY karaoke version anyway!) will likely provide comic relief! Shania Twain is an incredible artist and person… to adapt what Shania once said, “The best way to get to know me is through Shania’s music.” Enjoy ifContinue reading “Have a good Laugh”