Good Things About My 2020

With as many awkward and awful things as this year has blanketed the world with I offer a counter balance Of small blissful happenings As evidence of light I was told for 31 years that I could only use front hook bras All week, I’ve hooked from behind. For the previous fifteen years my overnightContinue reading “Good Things About My 2020”

Insatiable Itch

The skin is the living organ that we forget even as we stare at it in a mirror Mine has taken to acts of willfull motivation, Itching in correlation with my desire for a nap. Ugly screaming like an alarm clock, When I hesitate to get up again. A crawling, tingling itch. My, “Accompl-itch Something”Continue reading “Insatiable Itch”

The Beginning of a Series

 Personal Hot Takes One, the term “Hot Takes” is ridiculous We should be able to disagree respectfully,  and “Hot Take” has a negative connotation the fact that we are riled up by an opinion  says more about us, than it does the opinion. Two, waffles are more than a vehicle for syrup, If you drenchContinue reading “The Beginning of a Series”

Be patient, or Just Don’t Curse on Camera

Monday was my LSAT and, even with a persistent light headache, I was happy. At least I was functional and not fog-brained! The exam wasn’t without surprises. My test started off smoothly, almost TOO smoothly. I felt confident in almost all of my answer choices! I TRIED not to overthink and to pay attention toContinue reading “Be patient, or Just Don’t Curse on Camera”