The Downside of Multi-Tool “Phones”

You know, Those things meant to help people talk to each other. The things before Zoom? Yeah I know that was another, Bigone era. But I use mine for talking still, And yes, for the other things too. So, when my device’s company upgraded to a better network I had to comply, (I.E. put inContinue reading “The Downside of Multi-Tool “Phones””

Super-Gluteal Muscles

Set everything up the night before, Confident I can find footing, In my new routine. Wake up early, naturally. Bathroom. Let’s go, Flip on the coffee, Pour cereal and milk. Pour coffee, add stevia. Carry everything to the island. There’s the phone charger, Oh, better plug it in, phone is almost dead. Where is it?Continue reading “Super-Gluteal Muscles”

Emergency Spoon

I packed with hurricane strength, But a bit more neatly. I managed friendships, With the shine of newly cleaned porcelain. Exhaustion, Like darkness, Can be waited out. It will ebb and flow, As I continue packing through the haze. Thoughtfully, Piece by Piece, I put two years Into five boxes, a backpack, A reusable shoppingContinue reading “Emergency Spoon”

If I Had My way

There would be no weekly TV cliff hangers, (I’m looking at you, DS9!) Looking for a certain satisfaction, I watch Trek, Who’s moral conundrums, Leave me trash-talking Gul-Dukat And others. Cheering for my favorite, “Garak better not die, not my dude…no YOU don’t, he’s a sweetheart. “ But, I digress, I watched three episodes InContinue reading “If I Had My way”

Mosquitoe Letter

To the mosquitoes who bit me five times on my leg, Twice on the feet, And another two times on the wrist, In one night. I’m sorry I’m delicious to you, But leave me alone. I have enough problems with my iron levels. And even if I didn’t, I have horrible dexterity, I can’t reachContinue reading “Mosquitoe Letter”

Face Paint

Have you ever stopped to think, The similarities between Face paint and makeup? That most likely, The capitalist economy thought, Our face paint sales are in the red, How can we rename And repackage this for a sales boost, who can we manipulate? Not enough men are into this newfangled “sports team” support concept. Women!Continue reading “Face Paint”

Things I hear in The Passenger Seat

I have a problem with laughing. At road rage declarations from my driving friends. Yesterday for example, we road behind a truck at a snails pace. Ready to be home, As the slow truck ahead of us, turned into a church parking lot. I hear from my driver’s seat, “What’s wrong with you, do youContinue reading “Things I hear in The Passenger Seat”