When You Just Can’t Win, and the only quitting allowed, is tantrums

Everyone who reads this blog knows i have many health issues. For over two weeks I had severe joint and muscle pain in my leg. Sleeping hurt when I could manage to drift off, I would wake up by 2:30am. That combined with my low energy normal and I was running on empty. Last Saturday,Continue reading “When You Just Can’t Win, and the only quitting allowed, is tantrums”

Procrastination and Perfectionism -Riddle Me This.

Am I the only writer who only gets good ideas ten miles away from my computer, paper and pencil and even my dumb smart phone? I’m relatively sure tech isn’t out to get me, (yet.) But, every single time I create time and space to write, writing process is akin to pushing an insecure stackContinue reading “Procrastination and Perfectionism -Riddle Me This.”

This too shall pass.

There are a lot of things parents subject their children to that give the parent satisfaction purely because they drive the child insane (my mom’s favorite might have been “The Weenie-Whiney Club theme song she start every time we said something wasn’t fair.) These moments of parental revenge seem to have more value to themContinue reading “This too shall pass.”