Past-Tense Imagining

As with so many other things, I had an image in my mind’s eye, A simple one, The struggle existed, But I managed to ride that wave, And in space there is no crashing on the rocks. But, my extra eye bares a free flying lash in this reality. I can see, But reality isContinue reading “Past-Tense Imagining”

Method Imagination

As a little girl You could often find me lost In my imagination Stone still and silent, Or, Laughing and lively. I’m still in the same place, Imagination. If you wonder, I am a method-imaginer, Embodying every thought. I am well aware of what conscious reality is, And when I am choosing to escape intoContinue reading “Method Imagination”

Can You See The World?

The one you want? If everything was your perfect, Have you imagined what you would do, to get there? Or are you too embarrassed to pretend anymore? Because we’re not children We have a job, and a drink Enough to lube us, For the repeated rat race. And somehow that is more reasonable, Than imaginingContinue reading “Can You See The World?”