Baby Long Legs

My baby girl, My niece, long legs, Big cheeks, blue eyes. Smile wide, Except when showing you her grinch face. Makes you love the grinch Even at his worst. My little sunshine, Reads little critter books And spells, Thus putting us under her spell. Singing “My Little Sunshine” And shining light into the blackest hearts.Continue reading “Baby Long Legs”


If this life was a flower, You may scoff, At the dandelion In the dying grass. But, I feed the bees, And people blanket me in wishes, “Get well.” “Stay strong. “ “Have faith.” “Keep trying.” “Have respect for your elders. “ And after that I am blown aside, Except for a few souls whoContinue reading “DANDELION GIRL”

Different Sisters

I went to volunteer at a preschool Excited and optimistic. I would be helping little children grow. We would play, and I, I would make a positive impact. I’m great with little kids I’m told! I think they lied to me. Because, On my first day, A little boy came running at me without warning.Continue reading “Different Sisters”

Thank You a Hundred Times Over

You like me! You really like me! I just hit 100 followers! THANKS FOR LETTING ME ENTERTAIN YOU! My goal for 2021 is to get more of your thoughts and comments! I want to know you! I want to stretch my mind. Keep being amazing 👏 Feel free to invite friends too! Have a wonderfulContinue reading “Thank You a Hundred Times Over”

The Tiger

I look to the old tiger in the corner. Thinking that they don’t usually last this long. But it is the little boys heart inside Still beating inside the tiger That betrays his tired limbs, Discovered on October 31st 1996, Promptly lugged home and feed Reese’s, and tootsie rolls. All of the little boy’s HalloweenContinue reading “The Tiger”

Lip Syncing Update…

My original plan was to lip-Sync my favourite songs so everyone could have a little laugh while getting to know me but, I feel even MORE ridiculous doing that than I do singing.(Dunno HOW that’s possible…But here we are!) That said, here you go! AND happy passover, Easter, Ramadan, and SPRING!