“I’m Frazzled Ms. Frizzle”

I wasn’t complacent about the work needed. And, most days, I can make it smoothly. Today is not, so far, most days. I woke up about to pee, Starting to go before I hit the toilet seat. Kitten wanted to play, and play , play, play. Back knot takes up all the upper left quadrantContinue reading ““I’m Frazzled Ms. Frizzle””

Watching a Kitten Eat

She, frightened, Hid under my bed on her first day. I got on my knees, Saying hello, and asking Mercy to say cheese. She said “go away with that thing, “ With her eyes. And thus, I let her be. But not before moving the litter box, into the same room. She wasn’t eating yet.Continue reading “Watching a Kitten Eat”


When she started to get infuriated- At the injustices I was facing, And reached out to do what she could To assist- without having met me before. We connected, started chatting, When we both moved to the same town, To start legal classes, As the ‘old ladies’ of the cohort. Yesterday, we went shopping, NextContinue reading “Friend”