Confirmation Bias

Fight me. I don’t want to be 100% right. But, don’t yell please. I want to be challenged. I want to learn, Because I realize I have A blind spot, Spots. And I want to fill them, With the unsee-able, The unspeakable, And the discarded. Strip my biases, And open confirm Reality, As it livesContinue reading “Confirmation Bias”

All Those Lessons

Every idea that I have been offered In an effort to ease my existence, I passed by, After half an effort At taking it in. But all too often, I must turn around. Because desperation Or simple need Begins to stalk me. Inevitably, the real value Shimmers through The false wrapping. And the hope HasContinue reading “All Those Lessons”

This too shall pass.

There are a lot of things parents subject their children to that give the parent satisfaction purely because they drive the child insane (my mom’s favorite might have been “The Weenie-Whiney Club theme song she start every time we said something wasn’t fair.) These moments of parental revenge seem to have more value to themContinue reading “This too shall pass.”