Baby Long Legs

My baby girl, My niece, long legs, Big cheeks, blue eyes. Smile wide, Except when showing you her grinch face. Makes you love the grinch Even at his worst. My little sunshine, Reads little critter books And spells, Thus putting us under her spell. Singing “My Little Sunshine” And shining light into the blackest hearts.Continue reading “Baby Long Legs”

The Light of Morning

The light of morning doesn’t always come at dawn. It doesn’t always come in a twenty-four hour cycles It can come in childhood, And leave another entire phase of life in the darkness. It can linger, like a thick fog, frozen in the air against your skin. Darkness is isolating and heavy, But the morningContinue reading “The Light of Morning”


I’ll tell you a secret: this attempt at publishing is for my third work. My first was a write-edit-type-print local chap book “Call Me Crazy!” I had my cousin (in her late 30s then), and it was the two of us working to put 100 poems together. we did everything ourselves with only family. IContinue reading “Light!”