One decade ago a woman died. A cousin of four decades Between skeletons And the supplies to create like Goddess, Her closet burst open. An acquaintance would never have known. Her effervescence sometimes ebbed, But never flattened. Everything she did was an extreme. Self-Confidence, fearlessness, Problem-solving, creating, joking Anger and sadness, As if she exercisedContinue reading “10”

Family Realism

The idea that I must love Those whose blood I share Makes me roll my eyes. Family can be deadly just as easily As it can be loving. All too often spirits are decapitated With families choosing to Bury the dead under the title, “FAMILY” If a body doesn’t fall in step, It’s all tooContinue reading “Family Realism”

Reflection #1-Two Years Ago

When love is thrown at you in the windyou duck, and still it hits youbrush it off, you’re invincible.You lie out loud. When time has no patience for youthe seed does, even as you try to starve itit grows roots to wait out your darknessa succulent, needing little light and water Love who’ll never knowContinue reading “Reflection #1-Two Years Ago”

Baby Long Legs

My baby girl, My niece, long legs, Big cheeks, blue eyes. Smile wide, Except when showing you her grinch face. Makes you love the grinch Even at his worst. My little sunshine, Reads little critter books And spells, Thus putting us under her spell. Singing “My Little Sunshine” And shining light into the blackest hearts.Continue reading “Baby Long Legs”