I’ll tell you a secret: this attempt at publishing is for my third work. My first was a write-edit-type-print local chap book “Call Me Crazy!” I had my cousin (in her late 30s then), and it was the two of us working to put 100 poems together. we did everything ourselves with only family. IContinue reading “Light!”

Staying Busy

Hello all! I appreciate your patience as I get this site going! Perfectionism & confusion are like oil and water it turns out. Aren’t you ShOCkeD?!?!? Also not beneficial: frequent illness & an aversion to asking for help. I’m working toward finding balance while I continue to create. In the meanwhile I offer you whatContinue reading “Staying Busy”

A little about me: the extreme oddities

All of my toxic habits served some purpose in their original contexts. I can see looking back on my last decade the cost of my toxic habits has not been worth it. It took so long to see that even after realizing how the big mental tax for these was, I had to face a “mental collections agency” before digging out was possible.