Thanks Mercy

Went to bed, Fighting off a hatching migraine Damn pain in the neck. Took the medication to make it stop, Drifted off, waiting for it to take effect. I’ll sleep in, Rest up and hope it ceases. But, Mercy is merciless. She thinks my alarm clock wires are a toy When sleep hit, the clockContinue reading “Thanks Mercy”

962 More Days

I understand the material, The concepts and way of thinking, the degree of work Isn’t fun, but it is manageable. When I don’t have 48 hour migraines. But that’s not my life. I hate that I sometimes have the thought, “Well, all I have to do is survive 962 more days and do my best.”Continue reading “962 More Days”

The Beauty of Beauty Sleep

Some of the greatest things I did for myself yesterday. At ninety-two degrees, I drank water, Iced, Repeatedly. A lot repeatedly. And of course, I happened to get a headache. Woke up with it Dragging, But able to hold my head steady, so, I tried to march on. Until the heat and my body CouldContinue reading “The Beauty of Beauty Sleep”

To be Drowned in the Tide of Tension

The day seems to have stormed in and I seek to harness it, even as I am battered before I can rise. with my brain screaming, “Bow! RETREAT!” I am fueled but the minute failures so small that they cannot be evidenced, only known. And because I know them I do all I can toContinue reading “To be Drowned in the Tide of Tension”