Bail on Bail

What is the point? It doesn’t stop crime. It doesn’t change behavior. It doesn’t stop ditching. It doesn’t keep people safe. It keeps the world white as oatmeal, And zero people in the world enjoy Plain oats. We put maple, cinnamon, apples, pears, brown sugar…. Anything in oatmeal to bring it some color. And yet,Continue reading “Bail on Bail”

If True is True

Why do humans manipulate? Why do we use a crutch? Why is manipulation weaved into so many nations? So many first world nations? Why do we let our police and politicians lie? And except it as fuel, Easy jokes. Is othering gaining us anything? A few people of wealth, And everyone else full of dreams?Continue reading “If True is True”


I search for funding To learn more about my passion, Law, advocacy, compassion-sharing. Bold change. And I found a fitting website, And I write essay After essay, Apply And wait. My passion may burn through the screen, And with any luck. It will warm my chances To spend more time diving deeper Into myContinue reading “Scholarship”