You’re A Little Pain In The …

I’m going to call this a side-gripe. Is it just me, or are the minor persistent pains more bothersome than the unexpected horrible ones? Do you know what I mean? My body can handle the pain from a third degree burn, or a big surgery, better than the gas pains or headaches. for another exampleContinue reading “You’re A Little Pain In The …”

Dr. Suess for Adults

I am an adult And I know that the woman Is sick with fear, Stunted In the disguise of an adult. But, my knowledge doesn’t blunt her viciousness. Or her power as a “parent” To isolate and try to destroy a sister. I don’t hate her, I despise knowing that no amount of distance orContinue reading “Dr. Suess for Adults”

In Honor of My P.I.T.A

I recently brought up the severe hip pain that I had been dealing with from the 26th of July until last Sunday. I’m still not 100% sure why it started or why it stopped, but I do know what it felt like. So, and this is the important part, I decided to make something usefulContinue reading “In Honor of My P.I.T.A”