962 More Days

I understand the material, The concepts and way of thinking, the degree of work Isn’t fun, but it is manageable. When I don’t have 48 hour migraines. But that’s not my life. I hate that I sometimes have the thought, “Well, all I have to do is survive 962 more days and do my best.”Continue reading “962 More Days”

“Tell Them I’m Not Crazy”-Quotes from Wanda Jean

I saw her name pop up, that compassionate part of me thought, She’s so isolated, I can listen. She had a lot to say, And very little fluidity to it, “I was kidnapped and taken from Russia, You are not my child, SHE was switched at birth And the doctor also took a few ofContinue reading ““Tell Them I’m Not Crazy”-Quotes from Wanda Jean”


Woke up to a sinus headache, So what, right? Sluggish, But not quite my usual “Warmed-over-death” ill Despite the throbing knot Bridging my neck, and the left side of my skull, I still felt “Do-er.” I followed that intuition, carefully, Slowly I moved throughout the daylight. I broke free willingly for a nap, Woke feelingContinue reading “Bluuuughhh!”

Reflecting on Depression

I dispised my twenties, The decade of depression. I can count happy memories on a hand and a half, And all of them were an escape from the life I lived. Escaping myself was heaven, Pouring myself onto paper was an affordable five-minute replacement. I wrote a lot. And as ugly as the era was,Continue reading “Reflecting on Depression”

The Worst Acts

Humans do many heartless things, We deride, We judge We rob We tease We isolate. We abuse and violate We go to war and bomb, But of all the harmful things that humans can do. The darkest thing, with the deepest roots that we do Happens without consciousness, And without control. It is at theContinue reading “The Worst Acts”