Yaaay Me!

Five hours sleep, Leaving for a class, Forgetting pens, glasses, and my water bottle. And running to a bathroom upon arrival, But at least I barely made it. Trying not to be late for study group, Fighting against short lived elevator openings And ever-confusing and never-ending halls. Landing in a wheeled office chair, Squinting atContinue reading “Yaaay Me!”

Outside Ourselves

It’s hard to picture The girl in the picture In the mirror. It’s funny when she saw the world She saw a challenge, Where I see an obstacle course. Overcome the challenge, Survive the obstacles. All the difference. Different approach, Different voice, Different attack- The difference between Faith And hope. The chasm of one step.Continue reading “Outside Ourselves”


Woke up to a sinus headache, So what, right? Sluggish, But not quite my usual “Warmed-over-death” ill Despite the throbing knot Bridging my neck, and the left side of my skull, I still felt “Do-er.” I followed that intuition, carefully, Slowly I moved throughout the daylight. I broke free willingly for a nap, Woke feelingContinue reading “Bluuuughhh!”