962 More Days

I understand the material, The concepts and way of thinking, the degree of work Isn’t fun, but it is manageable. When I don’t have 48 hour migraines. But that’s not my life. I hate that I sometimes have the thought, “Well, all I have to do is survive 962 more days and do my best.”Continue reading “962 More Days”

Gaining Speed

I moved in early, To work out kinks Before I needed to rush. Leaving only when taken out with family, Because for over two years, I rarely got out of a single room at all, Two to three days a week, And only with momma. When I fitted my feet, *Read, grunted, huffed, puffed, andContinue reading “Gaining Speed”

The Ember of Opportunity

At the edge of triple digit heat There is an ember floating In the air so humid That it’s easy to think It won’t catch. But don’t be fooled I am most free, Most stable, Amid water. And I will spread. Everyone will be marked, Some by a warm hug, Others by a passionate charingContinue reading “The Ember of Opportunity”

Good Bitter

The perfect roasted brown, Deep and smooth. Bitter has a negative connotation, But every morning This cup makes me question why. Perhaps it is the bitter man is a different beast, Or perhaps, the world gives up on the bitter too soon, Like a child having sipped from my glorious velvet bitter, And thinking, afterContinue reading “Good Bitter”