I know smart people, Who don’t support Vaccinations. Because the vaccine their child, Their neighbor’s child, Or a kid in the neighborhood Was followed by the flu, Or acting finicky, Shortly after the vaccinations. Can you say, coincidence? Because, correlation, ISN’T CAUSATION And, the ability to avoid measles, mumps, tetanus, rubella, And so many otherContinue reading “Poke”

Revenge of the Body

I tortured myself for years, and became an in between, barely human, without an identity without a self for years, decades, their was no timbre, no dance in my happy stories no, regret in my lies no hormones in my body and no fight in my heart and still I have revived but, body remembers,Continue reading “Revenge of the Body”

Please Keep Searching

As a begin writing this post, ads for faux diet miracles are floating around in my head. You may have noticed I didn’t put quotes around the word miracles, I chose not to for a reason. Even though quick fixes (for any issue) don’t work for the vast majority, I am confident that every quickContinue reading “Please Keep Searching”


I’ll tell you a secret: this attempt at publishing is for my third work. My first was a write-edit-type-print local chap book “Call Me Crazy!” I had my cousin (in her late 30s then), and it was the two of us working to put 100 poems together. we did everything ourselves with only family. IContinue reading “Light!”