Lost Thoughts

I am a heavy thinker; I am a “Dig my own rabbit hole,” thinker. I am proud, because I often find golden ideas and crystal clarity. but, there are times, when the “Rabbit hole” I’m digging becomes a grave and all it takes is a few nearby footfalls to bury me, in ideas I’d alreadyContinue reading “Lost Thoughts”

Unexpected Bitter Appreciation

I was dead for a decade I was living death out I hated what I knew With corrosive passion Because I didn’t express pain Until it was crushed out through my dense and boney presentation. I was afraid of what you readers would do. In the name of what I have, and thus, who youContinue reading “Unexpected Bitter Appreciation”


In my most recent post I said that there would be a follow-up! This piece is short, and please enjoy, and leave feedback! Tugging at a Trigger Two hands, two feet enhanced dexterity A mother’s twisted love and a trillion triggers the weight of my short note sets off the illogical verbal barrage and sheContinue reading “Follow-UP!”

In Honor of My P.I.T.A

I recently brought up the severe hip pain that I had been dealing with from the 26th of July until last Sunday. I’m still not 100% sure why it started or why it stopped, but I do know what it felt like. So, and this is the important part, I decided to make something usefulContinue reading “In Honor of My P.I.T.A”

Help -I’ve Fallen and I’m Trying to Minimize my Public Profanity!

I wanted to let reader’s know that I’m still writing. I’m in pain right now ( I DIDN’T fall!) I’ve had a strong and pretty constant hip pain which has affected my ability to work as efficiently as I would prefer. Related, I also need more sleep. And, yes, I contacted my doctor long enoughContinue reading “Help -I’ve Fallen and I’m Trying to Minimize my Public Profanity!”