Take THAT! Law School.

Doing what works Is a good idea, If you know what works for you. And there’s the rub. I’ve been stumbling through law school, Trying A and B and C and D, To adapt to law school, To show my knowledge and ability to learn. For almost 2 months, I am bobbing and gasping. But,Continue reading “Take THAT! Law School.”

Missed Opportunity

I knew the appointment would be long. And she locked us out of the truck – oops! But I had two hours…. Two hours later, And I was waiting, Watching the IV drip red Drip..drip…drip Pause… Drip. Drip.. Drippp.. Pause. My annoyance is building Faster than the dripping And I let it… Until I realizedContinue reading “Missed Opportunity”